10 tips for preparing your classic car for winter

The best ways to protect your classic/vintage car over the winter months

1) Before you put your classic car away for the harsh winter months, make sure you give it a solid clean. Inside and out, and underneath!
2) Ensure that all old rust spots have been properly cleaned and sealed with rust protection sealant.
3) Do not store your car near any plants or weeds (i.e. on the driveway near hedges/flower beds/grass). If you must store it outside in these conditions, raise your car on bricks to avoid plants growing into your engine.
4) Purchase a car cover, but make sure that it is the right size for your classic car.
5) When putting your car cover on, use soft blocks to raise the cover off the car itself. If it lies directly on it and the cover gets wet, it could encourage mould or rust to grow if they maintain contact.
6) Ideally, park your car in a garage and ensure that there is a de-humidifier or corrosion inhibitor in the room. Garages tend to be damp and this will simply exacerbate the problem of rust.
7) Air your car every month by taking off the cover. This will allow you to also check for any rust spots as they spring up, in case you missed some when sealing the areas.
8) Cover the inside of your car with a blanket to protect the interior.
9) Ensure there is 50:50 anti-freeze in your car.
10) Finally – let your insurance company know that your car will be off the road for the winter months!

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