meWelcome to EngineWise.co.uk the home of Engine specialist and car enthusiast Darren Chambers.

I am Darren by the way! Yes this is me in the photo. By day I run my own successful property buying company, and my hobby as you can guess from this site is engines.

My main passion is classic cars, and as you can imagine buying these cars can be expensive for any collector. My aim for this website is to show you how to take proper care of your car’s engine, and how to maintain that the engine runs as smoothly as possible.

My knowledge has led me to the point where I feel I can pass on what I know to help others interested in classic cars.

Storage and finance

The early issues I faced with purchasing cars for a hobby was that I was quickly running out of space. My initial idea was to erect a large garage in my yard, however this application for this was disapproved by my local council. This was a major set back, considering I had already made a down payment on a few motors I was interested in at the auction. My second option was to look at local storage solutions. The cheapest I found was Safe Store, whom offered me a large retail type unit – however it was still coming in above my ideal budget.

My third and final idea was to buy some land and use that land as a workshop! After some heavy research I decided to purchase some land just off the Scottish Borders. Albeit a bit if a treck to get to, but it was cheap (my property negotiation skills came in very useful), and I was able to build a small workshop on the land, as well as have room to store a few vehicles on site.

Financing my purchases is another story. Basically I have been using one business to fund another business, so technically it is a loan.

My current business is buying and selling property quickly for cash. It’s a straightforward service, basically a customer looking to sell a house fast goes on my website, submits their details and is presented with an immediate cash offer. If they are interested in the offer, I buy their house from them for cash.

The funding for this comes from a private source, and I did try going directly to them for a loan facility for my cars. Unfortunately they didn’t think car sales was a market worth exploring and quickly declined my proposal!

Well enough about me, I hope you like my site, and I have focused mainly on rust removal but will be adding further articles soon.